Monday, November 17, 2008

Frank Speaking

Frank speaking - Is it possible?

Many will say Yes. But I say its not possible. Even if we speak, we are highly prone to get more bad opinions like - he/she will not speak softly or he or she doesnot know how to speak.

Consider this case - There is a relative who use to come to your home regularly. He/she will always torture us by saying something foolish and expecting us to say he/she is a genius. If you are a frank speaking person, if you say to him/her that he/she is talking ridiculously, imagine what will happen. If the relative is an easy going person, no problem. On the other hand, if that relative is a sort of person who cant accept bad facts about him/her, you will be getting a bad name in his perspective.

The same case is with your boss or even with your friend or spouse.Frank speaking is not always 100% possible. It has its own limitations.

You can speak up openly. But the next time, you cant see the person to whom you spoke frankly, with the same comfort level that the person had with you, before you spoke.