Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Softsmith Webinars for May 2009

For the month of May 2009, Softsmith has launched the following courses:

1) Oracle PLSQL
2) Load Runner Basics
3) Report Writing - Crystal Reports
4) SAP Basics
5) Test Complete Testing tool
6) and Ajax using Telerik
7) Interviews on Java
8) Biztalk Server Basics
9) Project Scheduling using Open Proj
10) ERP for Manufacturing sector
11) Load Testing using Rational Perf Tester RPT
12) Sharepoint Portal Server Basics
13) ISO, CMMi Compliance automation using Tools

Please visit their website for more details. Or visit the online portal Open Mentor and register yourself to get benefitted from more facilities like online exams, demos etc.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Softsmith Free Webinars - Apr 2009

Chennai based Softsmith Infotech has been offering service to the society by means of webinars. So far they have conducted webinars on C, C++, Java, .NET (C# as well as VB), Manual Testing, WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, QC, Silk Test, CMMi, ISO, Finance, Shares, Insurance, Logistics and more. Visit their website for more details.

For the month of April they have scheduled the following courses.
1. MS SQL - TSQL Programming
2. ERP - Point of sale
3. Interviews - dot net
4. SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)
5. ISO Basics
6. SugarCRM

Pass this message to your friends and let the whole world get benefited by this webinars.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Upendran's Upanayanam

Upendran - Younger brother of Indran. He is none other than Vaamanan. Yes. One of the 10 avatars of Sri Maha vishnu. Why do I say him as the younger brother of Indran? Because, Vaamanan was born as the second son to Kashyapa Muni - Athithi couple.

Of the 10 popular avatars of Sri Maha Vishnu, it is in the Vaamana avatar, Vishnu manifests him as a brahmin boy and Upanayanam has been conducted for him. The upanayana brahmmopadesam of Sri Vaamana moorthi is well said in Sri Madh Bhagawatham.

The great ascetics and others who saw Vaamana moorthi in his upanayana ceremony, floated in the ocean of joy. Prajaapati was the head priest for the function. Surya, the sun god, performed the MantrOpadesam (chanting the Gayatri Mantra in the ears of Vaamana moorthi). Deva guru Brihaspathi gave the Brahmma Soothiram. His father Kashyapar gave the hip belt - Mekhala. Bhooma Devi, the goddess of the Earth offered the Deer skin which is considered to be a symbol of purity. Soma deva gave the Palaasa Dhandam, a stick to be held in the hand. Vaamana's mother Athithi gave the kowbeena vastram (cloth to wear). The lord of the Universe, Sri Parameswara offered an umbrella and Brahmma gifted the kamandalam or a stick that is used to support hands while doing Japam.

The seven rishis (Gritsamada, Vishvamitra, Vamadeva, Atri, Angirasa, Bharadvaja, Vasishta) gave the dharbai (a grass that is used for sacrifices or ceremonies) and Goddess Saraswathi gave the Japa mala (Garland used to keep track the number of times a mantra has been chanted). Kuberan, the lord of wealth presented a vessel (Biksha Paathiram) in which the great mother Uma devi offered rice.

So every person to who this Upanayana Brahmmopadesam is performed, acquires the status of Vaamana moorthi and the people involved in the above activities during the ceremony is transformed to the roles mentioned above. Such a sanctity is embedded in such functions. Hence let us not degrade ourselves by talking unnecessary things or passing mundane comments about the rituals and vain our lives. Do every thing with uttermost sincerity.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lalgudi - Thiru Thava Thurai

Lalgudi - the place well known for the great violin maestro Shri G.Jayaraman is also a popular shiva kshetra. The name for this kshetra is thirutthavatthurai.

The presiding deity is Lord Shiva - known by the name saptharhisheeshwarar or the lord of the seven saints. In Tamil, the deity is given the name Thiruththavanathar. The ambal of the temple is called by name "Srimathi" or Thirupperumpiraatti. The pushkarani or holy tank is Shiva Gangai.

This tank is said to have cured the illness (leprosy) of the group of people affected by a curse. The people of the Mazhava nadu along with their king were affected by the disease and upon the instruction from their guru, they took a dip in the sivagangai and got cured of their illness.

Lalgudi is on the state highway (Trichy - Chennai). We can also reach Lalgudi by train (Pallavan, Vaigai, Rockfort and many trains starting from Chennai Egmore and reaching Trichy).

A very pleasant and enjoyable place with lot of green fields, Lalgudi need to be visited once in our life time.