Thursday, January 07, 2010

Aruna Sairam Concert at Narada Gana Sabha

Yesterday (Jan 6, 2010) I had been to Narada Gana Sabha for Aruna Sairam's concert. The concert was organised for GNB's centenary function, by the GNB rasikar mandram. It was a short 1:30 hours concert. Yet I returned back with a sense of complete satisfaction.

She started with Sarva Mangala Mangalye slokam in the raga hindolam, followed by sama gana lole in hindola ragam, rupaka talam. This is a composition of GNB himself. Kalpana swaras were flowing like the river ganges. Embar Kannan on the violin, J.Vaidhyanathan on the mridangam and S.Karthick on the ghatam provided a great support for the day.

The next song was in the raga anandabhairavi which was GNB's one of the favourite raga. Aruna started with another sloka on goddess kamalamba and rendered muthuswami dikshitar's kamalamba samrakshathumam in misra chapu tala. Then she sung harikesanallur muthiah bhagavatar's suddha dhanyasi raga kriti himagiri tanaye which was also popularised by GNB.

The fourth song was in the raga kalyani. I was expecting vasudevayani and aruna didnt falsify my expectation. After an alapana in the raga which was rendered in her own style contrary to the normal style of singing kalyani (beginning with long phrases of swaras instead of developing from smaller phrases) she sung yet another GNB trademark vasudevayani. The niraval was placed in the charanam lines "raga tala" and swaras were also sung in that line. It was like a water flowing down from a hill top, without any obstacles.

The fifth song was in the raga dakka (much similar to vasantha), a tyagaraja composition set to adi tala, raka sasivadana. The sixth song was kaaranam kettu vaadi in the raga poorvi kalyani which portrayed the devotee's anxiety regarding the lord nataraja not turning up to his/her home. This is more like, the devotee is a girl and the lord is her lover and this girl having waited for a long time didn't see her beloved. So she is asking her friend the reason for the lord not coming to see her.

The final item was a sloka vande matharam ambikam bhagavathi in raga malikai. Ragas were saveri, hamir kalyani, ranjani and madhyamavathi.

It was a short and sweet treat for the listeners.

Aruna Sairam - Music Academy Dec 26 2009

I had been to Aruna's concert at the music academy. This is a very late entry about that concert. I am sorry for that. Got time to ponder something now only. Getting ticket for her concert is as usual difficult. I had been standing in the queue for a long time since morning 7 and got the tickets for dais finally.

She started the concert with bhairavi raga ata tala varnam. It was sung in two speeds. Then she proceeded with tyagaraja's atana raga yela nee daya raadhu after a short alapana. The next song was in the raga kedaragowla of muthuswami dikshitar. This had his mudra guruguha and the raga mudra in the charanam as "kedaragowla raga priyam", describing Lord Shiva.

Then she sung a tamil song in the praise of Lord Nataraja in the raga mukhari, endraikku siva kripai varumo. She started off the song from the anupallavi kandru..

The next song was a quick pasupatipriya raga kriti of harikesanallur muthiah bhagavathar - saravanabhava. It was indeed an interesting kriti well sung by the artiste.

The highlight of the day was todi raga ragam taanam pallavi. Aruna chose taamadam yen swami bala subramanya in 2 kalai adi talam. She told that this was a homage to the veteran musician GNB which was highlighted in the pallavi as "balasubramanya" and sung ragamalika swaras and few lines of kritis popularised by GNB in those ragas. The ragas were kalyani (vasudevayani), hindolam (samaganalole), behag (dikku theriyadha kaattil), misra yaman (radha samedha krishna).

An abhang was sung and following it was her fame vishama kaara kannan of oothukkadu venkata kavi.

It was a great concert for the saturday eve.