Monday, March 02, 2009

Humanity and Divinity

The advaitaa philosophy stresses a lot on the fact that both ParamAtmA and JeevAtmA are one and the same. Though the two remain physically separated, at a particular point of time, JeevAtmA will merge with the paramAtmA. This was said by the divine Adhi Shankara BhagavathpAdhAL.

Even the vEdAs say the same. Rig vEdA says - "PragyAnam Brahmma" (Pure knowledge is God) and its the pure knowledge that resides in the AtmA. Yajur vEdA says - "Aham BrahmmAsmi" (I am the God and God is me). SAma vEdA says - "tat tvam asi" (Thou art that) and the Atharva vEda says - "AyamAtmA Brahmmam" (My soul is God). If one starts to think this way, he will never be tempted to do blunders or even a mean mistake. He will follow the straight path. His mind will be set broad.

Lord KrishnA says in GitA, "He who sees all things in me and me in all things, will never be separated from me nor do I get separated from him".

So make a note that God resides in yourself and you are God's form or incarnation. Love All, Serve All. Help Ever and Hurt Never. This is one of the philosophy of Saint Vallalar too. His mission was to spread Jeeva kaarunyam and Divinity comes in the place where there is abundance of Love.

Love is God and God is Love.

Leave aside the mediocre desires. You will become God. The equations to be kept in mind is:

God = Human - Desires
God = Human + Love