Saturday, August 08, 2015

Brahmma's upadesam to Celestials, Men and Demons

This is a story from Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad, once quoted by Sri Maha Periyava, as mentioned in Deivathin kural, volume 3, of Sri. Ra.Ganapathi.

The devas (Celestials) went to brahmma, and asked to teach them some truth. Brahmma replied, "dha". The devas, for whom there is no self control understood the meaning as "Dhaamyatha". This means, to control one's senses. They went and practiced self control.

Seeing the devas, the men went to brahmma and asked to teach the truth that was taught to the devas to them also. So brahmma again uttered the letter "dha". The men understood it as "dhatta" meaning - to give, which was lacking with them. Humans of course will not give their belongings to others. So they too came back and practiced the art of giving.

Then the asuras, saw the humans and they too went to brahmma. The demons asked brahmma to teach them the truth. Again brahmma said, "dha". The asuras understood it as "dhayathwam" meaning to be graceful to All. They too started practicing dhayaa.

The universe was so calm and nice then. God was so happy on seeing the world full of love, prosperity and peace. Why so? Because if we control our senses, there won't be anger or hatred and so there will be peace. Then if we give to others, there won't be poverty and hence prosperity will be there. Then if we are graceful, there will be no hatred. And so love will be spread across the world.

This is a story. We need to practice the same. The devas, asuras, manushaas here mean us, the citizens of the world.

"Dhaamyatha dhatta dhayathwam janathaam
Sreyo bhooyaa sakala janaanaam"

As quoted by Sri Maha Periyava in his song maitreem bhajatha, composed for Dr.M.S.Subbulakshmi to sing at the United Nations.