Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thaadangam on the ears of Akilandeswari

The goddess Akilandeswari is considered to be rowdra swaroopini (one with lots of anger) in the past. So everyone use to worship her from outside. No one dare to go inside her sanctum sanctorum (sannidhi).

Adhi shankara was unhappy with it. He felt so sad on people fearing to go inside the sannidhi of the great mother (sree mAthA). So he designed a "Sri chakram" and "Siva Chakram" and pleaded the mother to let her anger to be flown inside the chakraas as a shakthi and let it be used for the welfare of the living beings. The gracious mother heeded to the words of shankara and shed all her angers and became Shaantha swaroopini (peace and grace showering). Akilandeswari wears the chakras as thadangam on her ears.

Also Adhi shankara, constructed a sannidhi of Lord Ganesha, opposite to Akilandeswari sannidhi. He firmly belived that on seeing her son infront of her, she will forget her old short temperment and will continue to be filled with grace forever. The Ganesha is known as "Prasanna Vinayaka" or Vinayaka who gives smile on everyone's face.

People use to say, while having a darshan of Akilandeswari, if we imagine her face without the thaadangam, we can see the rowdra swaroopam. If we see her face with the thaadangam, we can see the shantha swaroopam.


rajagopal said...

enjoyed reading; i could visualise my mother Abhirami in your writing; i was searching for quotes on Abhirami's grace as i am doing translation of Abhirami Andhadhi and posting them in www.poemhunter.com under the name rajagopal.h.. thanks for the info Regards rajagopal

Saranya said...

Thanks for the appreciation rajagopal.

Saranya said...

Rajagopal sir,

I went throu few of your translations in poem hunter site. It wassuperb. All I could say is, it was the divine grace. Keep up the good work.

rajappa said...

Dear Saranya

all the 100 slogams of Abhirami Andhadhi have been completed long back with Her grace
just for your information

if possible write about the same

Saranya said...

Dear Sir,

Please check my posting on Abhirami Andhadhi translation in this blog.

Sorry for not writing this long back. Anyway with the permission of the author I ve written :)