Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day

This year (2009) Mother's day is on May 10. Usually 2nd sunday in the month of May is celebrated as Mother's day. Staunch Indian People may comment that this kind of celebrations is an impact of westernization. According to me there is nothing like that. Mother has given birth to us. She has been our teacher in our initial stages. She has taught us to walk, to run, to speak and what not! So when there is an occasion to thank her, do it. Do not miss it.

Again don't mistake me that I am restraining the love to a single day. We can and we must thank her for ever. For people who have failed to do that, let this be a start.

Our spiritual books have mentioned, that an Indian child encounters 5 mothers in its lifetime.

1. DEha mAthA - One who has given birth to us
2. bhoo mAthA - The mother Earth who sustains us
3. gO mAthA - The mother cow who has been nourishing us all these days
4. vEda mAthA - The mother of all vEdAs which has picked us an identity among rest of the world.
5. dEsa mAthA - Our motherland where we have been living so far.

So every one should take care of these mAthAs and they will in turn take care of us.

There is a shlOkA in our ancient texts:

gAyatrI tulasI gangAm kAmadhEnum arundhatheem |
pancha mAthu smarEn nityam mahA pAtaka nAsanam ||

This means, remembering the 5 mAthAs - gAyatri, tulasi, gangA, kAmadhenu, arundhathee daily will slay all our sins.

Thus is the greatness of a mother.


vani said...

hi saranya
nice blog yaar
great insight into tamil literature
nd spirituality
oops!!am very bad abu tat
ve to learn from you..

Saranya said...

Thanks Vani