Friday, October 29, 2010

rAgAnubhavam - LalithA

This rAgA is a janya rAgA of 15th mELakarthA rAgA - mAyAmALavagowLai. The arOhaNam avarOhaNam is S R1 G3 M1 D1 N3 S - S N3 D1 M1 G3 R1 S. Simply saying, its mAyAmALavagowLai without the swara pa (panchamam).

This rAgA is such a melodious one. This rAgA instills strength in our mind when we hear to it. Though it may appear to be a melancholic rAgA, its not actually. It is a calm rAgA that will relieve tension out of us.

Dikshithar has written a beautiful kriti "Hiranmayeem Lakshmim sadha bhajami" on Goddess Lakshmi. He mentions Lakshmi as the daughter of the milky ocean (thiruppArkadal). The line goes like "ksheerAmbudhi tanayAm". He also mentions the goddess holds a blue lotus in her lotus like hands (kara kamala drutha kuvalayam), she also wears bangles in her hands (maragatha manimaya valayAm). Lakshmi sits on the white lotus (swetha dweepa vasini), worshipped by living beings and gives blessings to them (bhoosura poojitham varaam). He also mentioned that the goddess loves music, from the lines "sangeetha vAdya vinOdinIm". The beauty of her fore head that has cool rays emitting out of them is given in the lines "sheetha kiraNa niba vadanAm". Lakshmi wears a yellow cloth (peetha vachanaam) and she is golden complexioned (the very first line of the song says - hiranmayeem lakshmeem).

Few other songs in this rAgA are - natanala pramayaku naa manasa by Annamacharya, nannu brOvu lalithA by syama sastri and some more.

A popular cine song in this rAgA is "idhazhil kavi yezhuthum nEramithu".


Sujatha Moorthy said...

Beautiful blog.. Divine

shruthi shruthi said...

Hi Nishada is N3

shruthi shruthi said...

Hi Nishada is N3. U have mentioned as N2

Saranya said...

Thank you.modified. it's a typo error unnoticed for a long time!