Thursday, April 17, 2014

Power of Bhagawan Nama

Name of the God (Irai Namam or Bhagawan Namam), if uttered consciously or unconsciously, with or without devotion, it will definitely protect us. Such is the power of the Name. If somebody calls out our name, we will look back at them right? Same is the case for God. If we call out His name, He will definitely look back at us. This is the simple concept behind name.

Ajamila charitram of Srimad Bhagavatam tells about the power of bhagawan namam. Ajamila, who lead a life full of materialistic desires attained salvation because of Narayana namam. Let us see his story. Ajamila was leading a life that was full of mundane desires. He had many children. His last son's name was Narayanan. Ajamila had a special love for this son Narayanan. When Ajamila was on his death bed, he was calling all of his children one by one. When he called his lovable son Narayanan, his soul departed. He died while calling "Narayana". So he was taken to vaikuntam by attendants of Maha Vishnu, after posting a win over the Yama's attendants.

Narayana, Hari and more.. there are many names for Lord Vishnu. If we say "Hari", all our sins will be washed away. It is good to say "Hari" 7 times in the morning immediately after waking up.

Even a robber, who was asked to chant "mara mara .." by Narada, was born as a great sage - valmiki -  in his next birth and gave the world Ramayana. Though he uttered the rama nama in reverse order, he was given a good position.

Heated coal will be red in colour. After some time ash will cover it. But if we touch, still we feel the heat. Retaining heat is the property of coal. Such is the Bhagawan name. If we start saying the same, the fruit of it will be keep on accumulating and we can feel that whenever we want.

Sastras say, if we chant 1000 names (sahasranama) of god, 1008 times, we will attain all good things. But that is not possible for most of us. But keeping on chanting a single nama is possible. Even Yama (the lord of death) will  fear if one utters the bhagawan nama.

With a small story I will finish this post. A man rose up from his seat in his home and took a bag. his wife asked him where he had started. He said "Arisi vanga poren" (meaning he is going to buy rice). No sooner did he said, than he collapsed and died. He was immediately surrounded by attendants of Shiva and Vishnu. How come?? See what he told before collapsing. ari siva nga poren (the same sentence split like this). Now the meaning is he is going to tell hari,siva... He attained mukthi. This is just an imaginative story. Why I told this is we will get good and only good merits if we tell the name of God with or without our notice. So only  we keep God's names for our children. Atleast by calling their name, we can call God. But pity is we don't call their names fully. We abbreviate it and lose the chance of uttering the Nama.

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