Monday, November 10, 2014

Three siblings

Most of us know that lord Vishnu and goddess Parvati are brother and sister. Lord shiva - goddess saraswathi, lord Brahmma and goddess Lakshmi are siblings too. This fact is not known to many.

The complexion of these devathas will prove this fact. Vishnu, Parvati are dark complexioned, I.e blue or green or black... Both were born at the same time. When lord Krishna was born to devaki, vasudeva at mathura, yoga maya was born to yashoda at gokulam. Similarly, in the month of chithirai, when Rama navami is being celebrated, vasantha navarathri, the avatars of gnanambika is celebrated. We call Vishnu shyamalan and parvati as shyamala, meaning dark complexioned.

In shiva temples there will be a sannidhi for Durga, who is Parvati's form. She will be holding a conch and a chakra. She is usually called as Vishnu Durga. She is the protector. Protecting men is the task of Vishnu. Siblings show similarities in the task.

Shiva and saraswathi are white complexioned. We associate saraswathi with hamsam or swan which is white in color as her vehicle, white lotus as her seat. Shiva is described as shuddha spatika sankasham, meaning radiant like a pure spatika - transparent. Inherent meaning for pure is white.

Saraswathi is goddess of knowledge. Again in shiva temples there will be a sannidhi for dakshina murthy. This is siva's form. He will be holding, palm leaves, akshara mala in his hands. These are seen with saraswathi. Also both saraswathi and dakshinamurthy will have a crescent on their heads. Crescent is the one that grows. This indicates that arts should be ever growing. So these siblings grant ever growing knowledge to the devotees.

Lakshmi and Brahmma are red complexioned. Both are creators. Brahmma creates life, Lakshmi creates wealth to sustain life. We associate them with red lotus on which they are seated.

Parvati and shiva married one another, and supports one another in their activity. Similarly, Lakshmi and Vishnu and saraswathi and Brahmma. Knowledge (saraswathi) is required for creating (Brahmma) anything. Wealth (Lakshmi) is required for maintenance(Vishnu) and valour(Parvati) is required for destruction(shiva).

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