Monday, March 31, 2008

Lalitha Sahasranamam

Origin of LalithA SahasranAmam

LalithA sahasranAmam is a powerful mantra pertaining to Devi worship. It is a hymn that is belived to be originated by the divine order from sree lalithAmbika. This hymn is a collection of thousand names of lalithA. They had been arranged in such a way, describing devi from her head to foot (also called as 'kesAdhi pAdham'). Following this description, comes the description of the sri puram which is located at the centre of the sumEru mountains - the place where lalithAmba resides. Then comes the description of her throne, war against bandAsuran, sookshma swaroopam (or to be imagined) as the kundalini sakthi and some more.

At the 7th level, Ashtagonam or sarva rOgahara chakram of the 9 level sri chakram, the 8 vAg dEvathAs or speech influencing powers reside. They are vasini,kAmeswari,arunA,vimalA,jayinee,modhinee,sarvEswari,kowlini. These 8 saktis compiled this sahasranAmam.

How the sahasranAmam was made available to humans?

Saint AgastyA, who accepted lord Hayagreeva (form of vishnu with a horse face) who is very brilliant as his guru. One day when Hayagreeva came to Agastya's house, the latter asked the former to enlighten him on the divine lalithA sahasranAmA. HayagreevA became happy and taught AgastyA the sahasranAmA. Thus it was made accessible to humans.

Power of LalithA sahasranAmA

LalithA sahasranAmA grants good health and prosperity to all who recites it. The slOkA prevents early death due to ailments and grants long life.

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