Monday, March 31, 2008

Sri chakram - description

Sri chakram has 9 levels. The description of each level from external to internal is given below.

1. Bhoopuram
This is also called TrilokyamOhana chakram. This chakram enchants the three worlds. The type of yogini in this stage is Prakata yogini. There are totally 28 sakthis - 10 starting with AnimA, 8 starting with Brahmya and 10 mudra sakthis. Tripura is the head for this stage.

2. Shodasa Dalam
The second stage, called as sarvAsa paripUraka chakram fulfills all expectations. Yogini at this stage is Gupta yogini. Tripuresi heads this chakra. There are 16 sakthis starting from kAmAkarshini.

3. Ashta Dalam
This stage is known by the name sarva samkshObana chakram. This agitates all. The gupta tara yoginis are headed by Tripurasundari. There are 8 sakthis starting from ananga, kusuma.

4. Chaturdasaram
The 14 sakthis starting from samkshobini is headed by tripuravAsini. They are the sampradAya yoginis who grants excellence. This stage is also called sarva saubhAgyadAyaka chakram.

5. Bahirdasaram - 10 outer sakthis
The sarvArtha sAdhaka chakram that has 10 sakthis starting from sarva siddhi prada allows one to accomplish all tasks. This stage is headed by tripurasri. They are kulOtheerna yoginis.

6. Antardasaram - 10 inner sakthis
The sarva rakshAkara chakram that has 10 sakthis starting from sarvagyA protects all. This stage is headed by Tripura Malini. They are Nigarba yoginis.

7. Ashtakonam
The 8 sakthis starting from vasini is headed by tripurasiddhA. They are the rahasya yoginis who cures all ailments. This stage is also called sarva rOgahara chakram.

8. Trikonam
The eighth stage, called as sarva siddhiprada chakram grants all perfection. Yogini at this stage is athi rahasya yogini. Tripuramba heads this chakra. There are 3 sakthis starting from kAmeswari.

9. Bindu
The ninth stage, called as sarvAnandamaya chakram grants bliss. Yogini at this stage is parA parAthi yogini. Maha Tripura Sundari is the sakthi in this chakra.

One of the greatest composer sri Muthuswamy dikshithar has written a set of nine kritis - one for each level of the sri chakram under the name - kamalAmba navA varna kritis.

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