Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mahakavi - Thematic Concert by Nithyasree

I watched Nithyasree's concert in Jaya TV for Margazhi Maha Utsavam, on 22-12-2008.

It was simply superb. The theme Maha Kavi was interesting.

The first song, pozhudu pularndadhu, rendered in the form of varnam in malayamarutham ragam was very innovative. The rendition of Sa and Pa in the Chitta swaram with brihas were fantastic.

The second song vettri yettu in Mohanam is another feather on your cap, that proudly proclaims the DKP tradition.
Every single swara was crystal clear. Sa Ri | Da Sa | Paa Da Pa Gaa Ri| Sa Ri Ga Ga Paa (Vettri | Yettu | Dhikkum yetta | kottu murasE) amazing.

Then was the nattakurunji raga viruttham followed by Muruga song. It was very swift and I am sure it would have enthralled the audience. The akaarams that were used here were excellent. The different ways that you took the pallavi line Muruga (arai yedam, kaal yedam) was a real taala sanchaaram.

Then came the beautiful Kanada, my all time favourite. The song Vande Mataram Yenbom was rendered with melody and majesticity. The kalpana swaras were really soul stirring. I enjoyed a lot. The swara prayOgams Ga Ma Ri Sa in higher octaves were really excellent.

Chinnanjiru kiliye song was nice. But I felt that it could have been even more soft and could have been a little slower. I was listening to it, but suddenly the song ended.

The next song Dhikkukkal yettum about Rain in Hamsanadham was wonderful. My observation is that, only in this song, The percussion instruments took off. This doesn't mean that for the other songs they were waste, but it was nice for that song.

When compared to other concerts of Nithyasree, this concert, the strength of accompaniments was very low. Only strength was her singing. This concert turned out to be a one woman army.

The madhyamavathy song was a nice ending for the thematic concert.

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