Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ranjani & Gayathri concert in Jaya TV

Sisters will always make anything in this world enjoyable. I do have a sister. When I am with her, I will enjoy my life to the core.

This is applicable to Carnatic Music too. Bombay Sisters, Priya Sisters, Chinmaya Sisters, Hyderabad Sisters and the list goes.

The vocal concert of Ranjani and Gayathri is no where exception to the fact. It was a lovely concert.

This was telecasted on 17-12-2008. The theme of the concert is Hari smaranam.

The first song was well settled Nayaki raga kriti of Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Ranganayakam bhaavaye. Each and every phrase of the kriti was rendered with utmost sincerity. Both their voices were in unison. Absolute tonal perfection can be observed.

The next song was Pankaja lochana in the raga kalyani. This was elaborated nicely. Gayathri's alapana needs a big appreciation. The raga bhaavaa was completely delivered and it reached the listeners in its full form.

Then came a Tamil virutham that was set to ragamalika, comprising of Shanmukapriya, Mohanam and Hamsanandhi
On that very day, in the morning, I read a review of a concert by a critic. In that he mentioned about few people pronuncing sa in Tamil as sha and Tamil language has no sha kind of thing. I could observe that in the sister's rendition.

Srinivasa thiruvenkata followed the viruttham.

Then was the song depicting the theme. Hari smarane mado in the raga yaman kalyani was highly commendable.

Then came their trade mark, Bholo vittal - Abhang based on chakravagam ragam. That song added divinity to the concert. Especially the rendition of Vittal vittal in a swift manner by Ranjani and Vittalaa like a raga alaapana by Gayathri was a good mix indeed.

To sum up, the concert was a nice treat to music lovers.

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