Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana

Every body will be familiar with the phrase mentioned in this blog title. I am not going to write reviews of how singers and other artistes performed. Instead, I am going to share my thoughts about this.

These Aradhanas Cleveland or Tiruvaiyaru Tyagaraja Aradhana, Tirupponthuruthi Narayana theertha Jayanti, Syama Sastri Jayanthi or Dikshithar Music Fest or Gopalakrishna Bharathi Music Festival and many more festivals on great composers are being conducted to offer our thanks and respect to them. This is a known fact.

During this functions, the artistes sing the compositions of corresponding composers and refrain from singing other composer's songs. I could remember an incident at a aradhana at Trichy, where an artiste was asked by the audience at to sing abhangs at the end of a concert, organised for the composer who installed Rama Bhakti and Nadopasana by means of his kritis. The artiste asked another senior artiste for permission to satisfy rasika's wish. The senior artiste denied permission and announced that this function is for so and so and it is correct only if we sing his kritis which is very true. Thats the way and it is the best offering that anyone could do for upkeeping the respect he or she has for the composer.

The thing is, in Cleveland Tyagaraja aradhana, I could see in the telecasts, that the artistes (inclusive of the two artistes that I referred in the previous incident) reciting kritis other than that of Tyagaraja. Is that to satisfy the NRIs there? Or have the committee has broken to rule of singing Tyagaraja kriti alone at Tyagaraja aaradhana?

Whatever may be the case, either of the two things should be done. Either the festival has to be renamed as Cleveland Music Festival or to retain the same name, only Tyagaraja kritis need to be sung.

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