Monday, June 15, 2009

Knockout 2009

People would have been watching T20 World cup. This T20 has brought lot of surprises. Budding teams like Ireland went into Super 8. World Champions Australia has been sent out of the tournament even before entering Super 8. The group formation was partial. It was just a matter of lucky draw. Aussies, Windies and Srilanka were in one group. India, Ireland, Bangaladesh were in another. Pakistan, England and The Netherlands formed a group and Newzealand, South Africa, Scotland formed the fourth group.

If you see in the group AUS-WI-SL, there existed a tight competition between the three. In the other groups there was atleast one new team. So It was easy for two teams in the other three to go to super 8 directly. This is not at all fair. The Aussies fell as a victim to this fixture.

Indians tried their level best to cross the super 8, but fell as the prey to WI, England. They need to still play with South Africa in Super 8. But there is very negligible chance for India to enter semi finals. Again strong teams in this group and we have Ireland, Newzealand, Pakistan and Srilanka in the other group.

So the World Cup Champions - Australia, T20 Champions India were knocked out during this T20 World Cup. Cricket is a game of luck. Anything may happen at any time. Cricket - Uncertainity Personified!

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