Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Appeal to all magazines

This article I am writing with uttermost dissatisfaction with most of the magazines. I use to read most of the tamil weeklies or fortnight magazines. Most of the content are good and informative. Of course they are also interesting. But a single part brings me dissatisfaction. I think most of you would have thought about this. Nothing new. There use to be jokes. Jokes are of course fictional and not aimed at hurting any body. But I use to see some jokes related to nurses. Nurse is a divine profession. A profession that takes care of the sick people who really need proper care. Most of the jokes unfortunately portrays that nurses are kept in the hospital only to attract people. Believe me, they had not been portrayed in good sense, but with a filthy thought. Its such a bad part on us to be in this society, criticizing nurses. My sincere appeal to all magazines who have written jokes related to nurses or who plan to do so is to just stop writing such things. Write jokes that doesn't affect any person or any group.

Thanks for your patient reading.


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