Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Abhirami andhaadhi translation

Abhirami - the presiding deity of thirukkadavoor. She is the consort of shri AmrithakadEswara. She is known for the grace that she bestows on her devotees. Strong bhakti on her has saved the life of a man - Shri Abhirami bhattar who was about to lose his life as he uttered a lie to the king. To find out more interesting facts about Abhirami and this story, visit Abhirami Andhaadhi translation page. This great work was done by one of my friend Shri Rajagopal who is also a motivating factor for me to write more in this blog.

A glimpse of Mother Abhirami's attention when it falls on us, it will grant wealth, knowledge, courage, good relatives, god hood and all good things. Abhirami is light red complexioned. Light red is usually connected with grace. In the lalitha sahasranama dhyana slOkA there will be a phrase "arunaam karunaantharangithAksheem". Arunan is the charioteer of Surya. He comes before suryOdhayam. The light red that one could see before the dawn - how beautiful it is? So is Abhirami.

I had been following this translation work from the day shri rajagopal contacted me through this blog. Due to official and personal commitments I got very small time to surf through net. So I didn't write on this for these days. It was really a nice work. May goddess Abhirami and Lord Amrithakadeswara grant all good things to rajagopal and his family.

sree mAthA sree mahArAgnee sree madh simhAsanEswari
sree chakrarAjAnilayA sree madh tripurasundari
sree sivA sivasakthi aikya roopini lalithAmbikA

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