Monday, September 08, 2014

Mandana mishra and Sharadambal

In my earlier post, I mentioned about Mandana Mishra (Sureshwaracharya). He became one of the prime four disciples of Adi shankara. Thodagar (for whom shankara wrote the famous thodagashtagam - vijithakila sastra sudha jalate...), hasthamalakar, padmapathar and sureshwaracharya are the four disciples of shankara.

Shankara went for thargam (argument on principles) with mandana mishra. He was about to get defeated. Then his wife posted a question to Shankara. Shankara was stunned and he meditated on Goddess Saraswati the vaag devata. He found that the person posting question is none other than the goddess. Shankara found the answer and convinced Her too. So Saraswati's work of establishing shankara's brilliance is done and mandana mishra has surrendered to Shankara. So she planned to leave this Earth. Shankara tied the goddess with a matra and pleaded her to stay on the Earth. Here the husband Mandana Mishra is none other than Brahmma's incarnation and his wife is none other than Saraswathi's incarnation.

Mandana mishra became shankara's disciple and was known as sureshwaracharya. Goddess accepted Shankara's plea and asked him to place her wherever he wants. Shankara chose the banks of river tunga. That place is today's sringeri. The goddess is blessing us as Sharadambal. Sureshwaracharya is the 2nd peetathipathi of sarvagya peetam at Kanchi and Sringeri (2 of the 6 peetams installed by Aadhi Shankara). 

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