Monday, September 15, 2014

Thorppukaranam for pillayar

Why do we put thorppukaranam for pillayar?I have two versions for reason.

1. Maha Vishnu:
Once lord Ganesha swallowed the sudarshana chakra of his uncle maha Vishnu. Ganesha was very powerful as we all know. So it is impossible to take out of his stomach using any force. Vishnu thought for a while. He must make something so that Ganesha himself voluntarily gives the chakra. So Vishnu decided to make Ganesha laugh aloud, so that the chakra can be retrieved. So Vishnu held his ears with his hands in a criss crosss manner i.e right hand holding his left ear and left hand holding his right ear and sat down and stood up alternatively. On seeing This, Ganesha laughed out aloud and the chakra automatically fell out of his stomach. So since this pleases Ganesha all started to do this in front of him.

2. Gajamukhasuran:
Gajamukhasuran got a boon from shiva that no weapon should harm him. So he started troubling the rishis and devas. He ordered them to put 1008 thorppukaranam in front of him 3 times daily. Also he troubled them by not allowing them to perform yagnas. So they went to shiva to find a solution for this. Shiva assured them that his son Ganesha will help them. Accordingly Ganesha waged a war against gajamukhasura. Because of the boon he got from shiva, ganesha's weapons could seldom hit him. He became invisible and reappeared in front of Ganesha as a mouse (mooshika). Ganesha thought for a while and did this. Ganesha sat on the mouse's back and the asura was thus unable to do anything. Ganesha thus won the asura's pride and the latter surrendered at the former's feet.
So to commemorate this victory we are offering thorppukaranam for Ganesha. Also since the asura surrendered, The Lord accepted him as his vahana. So Ganesha is seen along with mooshika.

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